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Jon AD

Jon AD is founder of the labels losonofono (Chicago house/Skweee) and LoDubs, America’s Premier Dubstep label, which was founded in the winter of 2006.

Elements of Jon AD’s DJ sets may include each, or all of the above. He is a founding member of the longest running Dubstep night in Portland, Oregon, Various, in addition to the Dancehall/Dubstep night Version, and has maintained residencies in San Francisco and Milwaukee/Chicago when residing in those cities

LoDubs is not your ordinary dance music imprint, nor is Jon A.D. a young upstart. The label is run from inside Anthem Records, a record store (and label of the same name) that Jon owns, and which specializes in limited-edition metal, noise, and drone releases. This may seem contradictory, but Jon sees a strong connection between metal, noise, and dubstep. “Dubstep is so much about drum structures. And when you increase the air and rhythm in tracks, that allows drone and other frequencies to come out. Scorn’s stuff is very metal, and Burial and Boxcutter have some of those elements as well.”

The history of Jon AD reads a bit like a peoples history of innovative electronic music in the the United States. Born in Eugene, Oregon, and from a young age attracted to all aspects of sound, it was in his teens that he first discovered Electronic music, and realized that it had as visceral of elements as Punk Rock when combined with heavy amplification.

LoDubs has emerged as among the strongest in a short list of labels representing bass driven music in the US, and arguably the only one largely representing artists from North and South America, with over 20 releases from artists as far north and Toronto and as far south as Venezuela, in addition to those from the UK, Germany, Japan, etc.

The future will see Jon AD and LoDubs continuing to blur the lines between what is one genre or the other, be it through the releases, The multi genre monthly founded by Jon AD, Monkeytek, and Ryan Organ in 2006 known as Various, and/or through his DJ sets.