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1313 Effect

1313 Effect is a veteran live lighting and visual performer based in Portland, Oregon. 1313 Effect drives the musicians who he performs with with the effects and live performance of the visuals as much as they drive him.

According to Gavin (1313 Effect), “humans are at least as visually oriented as they are audio oriented, and most concerts or shows are almost completely focused on the audio, while the lighting or visual elements are an add on.” As a performer, 1313 Effect brings these two major aspects of a performance to the same level.

“Anyone who has seen shows where the visual imagery of lights, backdrops, video, changes, physical effect, etc. are timed with the music and flow with the changes and imagery know powerful of an experience that can be. Often people buy very cool equipment but then rely on audio sensitive patterns or simple per-programmed scenarios to create their show. But for the same reason you do not go to a show to hear a DJ or Band play a prerecorded set, you should want your lighting to be an analog performance done by a live person who is interpreting the music live and giving an actual human performance.”

Thus… 1313 Effect!!